If the order of my university’s cycling jersey comes in before halloween I am going to spend friday october 31st cycling around campus throwing candy at people’s faces in Toudou Jinpachi cosplay.

You guys probably don’t think I’ll do it but I will fucking do it. Studying has broken me.


BECUASE IM PRETTY SURE I WAS FOLLOWING LIKe 110 blogs and now it’s down to 100 but how

I’ve been on tumblr mobile so that might me why ugh mobile sucks but i dont even know who I’ve unfollowed and it’s killing me

There’s so much work to do and so many
Midterms to study for and I’m really sad

Someone let me use their thigh as a pillow so I can clean ur pants with my tears

Yesterday a friend of mine from last year when I was living on campus dragged me out for a drink

It was nice to catch up on stuff and she was going through some tough shit so I lent her an ear. I also ended up telling her I’m bi and she just looked at me and said, “finally”. What the fuck is that supposed to mean hahaha

I guess maybe the booze let me loosen up and I ended up telling her about my own stupid shit as well, without ever meaning to.

And she was very quiet but she didn’t judge me throughout it all and I guess I was feeling embarrassed and then I started blabbering that I wasn’t like myself and she calmly agreed and that got me even more flustered so I told her to punch some sense into me hard

When we were walking towards the skytrain station and no one was around she actually did it. Like out of nowhere she freaking decked me across the jaw and I have never felt so shocked or annoyed, or liberated in my entire life 

I feel like that punch set me straight back to reality and I’m feeling a lot better and less whiny and bitchy, I’m sorry for being a terrible mun for these past few days. I was being moody and inconsiderate of the people on here who have to see the shit I actually post.

After first round of midterms I’m going to transform this blog into one where I take cosplay requests, art requests, and reblog lots of fashion/makeup shit, and I’ll transfer my old mikasa posts into a side blog for viewing if you guys want.

Please feel free to unfollow me right now if you followed solely for mikasa and feel you have been cheated of your follow.

caw caw motherfuckers

Good luck and thank you for the year you gave us. I can't speak for the others, but you have really inspired and helped me go through a rather low point of time for me. I really hope you do continue this blog, but I understand if you can't. Keep on being awesome in any case.

Thank you

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Hey Everyone :)

I don’t think this will be seen at all since it’s such a late update and most of my followers are asleep or should be sleeping haha

So due to a high volume of ooc posts (even though this has become a more personal blog as opposed to a cosplay one now), and a lack of direction as to where I think I would be going with this, I’m going to be on hiatus for a few days. I don’t know if I will come back after that, because the inconsistency of this blog and its disappointment has been bothering me for quite some time. If anyone wants this url please let me know and I will stop hogging it.

I want to thank you all for this wonderful year on tumblr. (holy it’s been a full year) I know some of you have been with me for quite a while and I’m sorry if I ever came as standoffish or cold. 

I’m really not good with words but I will miss you all very dearly. Hopefully I will get to see you guys again but if not, I wish you all the very best and thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Sincerely, Mun

yall thought i was cool but I’m just a basic bitch

yall thought i was cool but I’m just a basic bitch

i took pictures of some of the shit i did in my 4 hours of sitting in the lab

The rest were blurry or stupid so ye but this is what I do folks

I’m such a loser but SCIENCe

I can totally be a homo, sweaty-hairband-wearing cyclist if I want to be
just draw in some really thin brows and pull your hair back in a headband and voila trashy face complete

I can totally be a homo, sweaty-hairband-wearing cyclist if I want to be

just draw in some really thin brows and pull your hair back in a headband and voila trashy face complete

fuck school. sleep is more important

The only reason I’m not dead yet is because I can’t get good grades if I die

So I saw you said you have 0 fangirls and then some other bitch started fangirling over you BUT I WANTED TO BE YOUR FIRST FANGIRL! I'm going to hunt the other anon bich down and fight her for the first place YOU CAN't DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT

whoa calm your titties 

please don’t call other ppl bitch unless it’s me cause I’ll admit I’m a total bitch when I want to be.

You don’t have to worry about fighting for anything I’m basically that free used couch outside of someone’s driveway that’s free for the taking.

Mental Health is irrelevant

My courses are starting to catch up on me and midterms start next week (first round)

When I’m stressed I sleep a lot, and if I sleep I can’t study so time to bust out the energy drinks.

I used to smoke a lot to calm down last year but it’s been hurting my physical endurance so I’m trying to kick that habit this year, we’ll see how it goes

Smart decision, you’ve come to the right place.

Smart decision, you’ve come to the right place.

Hi, I just wanted you to know I am a fangirl. Yours, specifically. I recently discovered I am pansexual and you have a very pleasant face. I also really admire you for your determination and just how you cope with all the nasty issues you deal with outside of tumblr. I also want you to dress up as Hanamiya and to wake me up every morning by whispering in my ear Im so sorry please don't hate me (∩˃o˂∩)♡

oh man, no i dnt hate you don’t worry, i’m an asshole but im not that much of an asshole!

Thanks, for this. it’s really sweet hhaha i suck at responding properly to these kinds of messages. I’m never sure how to express myself so thanks.

And I would gladly dress up as Hanamiya and whisper in your ear every morning, though I’m not sure you fully understand the hell you’d be getting yourself into my dear


Oh. More. Thought these pics showed off my makeup a little more ~ = w =

I was mistaken for Haru by someone ….. but I don’t blame them….

we don’t talk about the fact that I did cosplay Haru months ago

(I blame the long bangs)